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The Missing Peace booklet

Mike Hencher


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Dear Mike, 49 years ago I was ordained in the C. of E.. For a lot of that time I carried with me 'The Missing Peace', and regularly used it with enquirers. During an outreach on the streets at Easter, a friend gave me half-a-dozen to use. I have since read through one of the copies. Over the years 'The Missing Peace' has been revised, and each time improved. Please accept my congratulations on an excellent introduction to Jesus; the best yet. Many thanks. God bless you.
Alan J. Wright.
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To: -

The Trustees of Missing Peace:

I believe this letter is long overdue in thanking you from the depth of my heart for your part in supporting the Tract Missing Peace. We need to check up on how many languages we have printed it in to give you a good idea of the extent of the Missing Peace Ministry, however, we now preparing it in four more languages here in Europe and reprints are under way. In India we have printed 50,000 in Hindi and request have been made now to print 50,000 in three different dialects, my prayer is that we have your blessing upon this, I would only be to please to come and share what God is doing through the Missing Peace Ministry.

In the mean time I would like to share how a family came to know Our Lord and Saviour when they visited a market town in Serbia and was handed a M P tract along with a Bible. They contacted the number on the back and were led to the Lord over the phone. Two members of our team visited them last Friday with good results, I will also visit them on my next trip to the Balkans. This is only one of many stories, I have been asked if we can provide 10,000 copies in Hungarian, 5,000 would be for the student in the University as the Christians there feel its is so powerful. And so on, I am due to visit Russia on my 80th Birthday in two years time and they are hungry for this tract.

Keep praying, keep sharing and God will provide all that we need to bring this to pass.

Again Thank you and God Bless – Brother Tony Packer
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