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When anyone starts to look deeper for a faith there are often lots of searching questions
We have listed a number of the most frequently asked HERE

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Nearly everyone loves LEGO ® and recently we linked the bricks to Bible stories at Ann Cam School, Dymock, Gloucestershire. My daughter Aly and I took some weekly lessons with the year 6 children that we called BibleBuild. I told the Bible story and then Aly took over to suggest ways the children could use their imagination to build something that related to it.

It was fascinating to see the variety of ways they constructed their idea of the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. Noah’s Ark was a challenge, especially when we tested their buoyancy. It was great to see that they grasped the size and shape in the Bible so different from most storybooks. When we described the Tower of Babel we had to use the Soft Brick Set as one of the towers reached the ceiling! Aly also has a website, where you will find much more.

Just had a great encouragement. A lady from Northern Ireland contacted the website and said that she came to faith in Christ at a Dick Saunders rally in 1979. She was given a copy of The Missing Peace which she read and re-read many times in her early days as a Christian. She is involved in a summer outreach mission in her town and as the booklet led her to the Lord many years ago she wants to share the gospel with her neighbours and friends. God bless your faith Reta.
Mike Hencher, The Missing Peace Trust.

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