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When anyone starts to look deeper for a faith there are often lots of searching questions
We have listed a number of the most frequently asked HERE

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Latest News May 2021
The Missing Peace Trust has recently published 2 new books for children:
'Rainbow Rescue; and 'Wonderful World'
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Missing Peace News. February 2021

Tony Packer of Global Passion has arranged for 'The Missing Peace' to be translated and printed in Haryanvi, one of the languages of the North Indian state of Haryana where 13 million people speak this dialect. Haryana surrounds India’s capital, New Delhi on three sides, so it is a strategic area in which to preach the Gospel, currently only 0.2% of the population claim to be Christian in this area. The official language of Haryana is Hindi, which was printed last year, but it will be great to reach folk in their own tongue.

Punjabi is the next language The Missing Peace Trust will be translated to, this will be used in the north-western part of the subcontinent. We should remember that Punjabi is also the third-most spoken language in the UK. We praise the Lord that even in these unprecedented times, we can continue to share the Gospel in print and on the Internet.

Just had a great encouragement. A lady from Northern Ireland contacted the website and said that she came to faith in Christ at a Dick Saunders rally in 1979. She was given a copy of The Missing Peace which she read and re-read many times in her early days as a Christian. She is involved in a summer outreach mission in her town and as the booklet led her to the Lord many years ago she wants to share the gospel with her neighbours and friends. God bless your faith, Reta.
Mike Hencher, The Missing Peace Trust.

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