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Are you one of those people who nod their heads in agreement when the Preacher reminds us that we need to evangelise only to feel guilty when you consider how long it's been since you did your bit? While all evangelical Christians will agree on the need for Christians to evangelise turning that good intention into action can often be a problem. In a society that veers between the extremes of apathy towards thing spiritual and a mindless pursuit of empty, inane, New Age "spirituality", how can we make that first step and tell people of the Good News of the Gospel. Learning about Evangelism is a practical handbook and encouragement for all Christians needing help to share their faith with their friends. Mike Hencher speaks from years of experience as a "professional evangelist", but recognises that the Gospel is spoken most loudly by the people who walk the talk and live it out. Read or Download a PDF copy of Learning about Evangelism for free - Click the image


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Mike has also produced an audio 'Mini Series' on Friendship Evangelism, listen or download.

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