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The Missing Peace has video and audio resources for use in your own Church, Chapel or Home Group.

Mike Hencher is closely associated with Western Way Chapel in Dymock, Gloucestershire. As all places of worship are currently closed during the UK Lockdown, Mike is producing video messages to inspire and inform.

A series of audio files on Mark Chapter 1 to download.

This series was first broadcast on Trans World Radio as part of the ‘Day by Day’ programme Mike Hencher hosted for several years.

Mark’s Gospel is the shortest Gospel and is suggested reading for new Christians in Mike’s booklet “The Missing Peace”. It focuses on the actions of Jesus and is fast moving with the word “immediately” occurring often!
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Mark 1:1-9 John the Baptist Prepares the Way

Mark 1:9-13 The Baptism and Testing of Jesus

Mark 1:14-20 Jesus Announces the Good News

Mark 1:21-28 Jesus Drives Out an Impure Spirit

Mark 1:29-34 Jesus Heals Many

Mark 1:35-39 Jesus Prays in a Solitary Place

Mark 1:40-45 Jesus Heals a Man With Leprosy

A series of audio files on the first 10 Chapters of Joshua to download.

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Joshua Chapter 1 (Part 1) - Joshua Installed as Leader

Joshua Chapter 1 (Part 2) - Joshua Installed as Leader

Joshua Chapter 2 - Rahab and the Spies

Joshua Chapter 3 and 4 - Crossing the Jordan

Joshua Chapter 5 - Passover at Gilgal

Joshua Chapter 6

Joshua Chapter 7 - Achan’s Sin

Joshua Chapter 8 - Ai Destroyed

Joshua Chapter 9 - The Gibeonite Deception

Joshua Chapter 10 - The Sun Stands Still

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