About The Missing Peace Trust

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The Trust’s Goals and Objectives.

The Trust was set up primarily to produce the evangelistic booklet "The Missing Peace" which was first printed in 1977 and has now passed 1.5 million copies in print. We communicate the Christian message in a variety of ways to help people to find peace through a personal relationship with God.

Our objective is to share the Christian message in as many different ways, primarily using literature and electronic media, to as many different parts of the world in local languages.

Mike Hencher

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Mike was born in London and with his wife Janet, raised five children. Before being involved full-time in Christian work, Mike was a civil engineer. In 1972 he joined the office staff of the Movement for World Evangelisation and then worked with the Don Summers Evangelistic Association as an evangelist. For nine years he worked in fellowship with Counties, working mainly in Gloucestershire. In 1978 the Christian Television Association began its work in his home town in Bristol and this involvement with the media led to being asked to broadcast on Trans World Radio and local radio stations.

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From 1995 he studied at The University of Gloucestershire, obtaining a BA (Hons) in Theology and an MA in Biblical Studies. Recently, under the auspices of The Missing Peace Trust, he has written books and produced DVDs and Online videos working with Foxvideo Productions. He is now devoting as much time as possible to assisting the work of Western Way Chapel Dymock and working on the Tom Roberts Adventure Centre project.

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