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Is Christ the only way to God?

This is a problem for our politically correct world. However, we cannot ignore the fact that Jesus of Nazareth actually said, 'I am the way and the truth and the life.' He stated that he alone was the one through whom human beings could get to God.

That's strong stuff when there are so many religions in the world with so many gods. But if we look at it logically these religions that are so different from one another can't all be right. They can all be wrong of course, or one of them can be right. Christ claimed to be the truth. He clearly showed by his words and deeds that he was the God that we are all looking for to help us to ultimate truth.

Not even one recognized religious leader of a world religion ever claimed to be a God, that is, with the exception of Jesus Christ. It may seem that Christians are being intolerant and narrow-minded, but they are following the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth who if he claimed to be anything, he claimed to be God. This Galilean peasant is the most important person the world has ever known. He has had more influence on the human race than any other person. We even date our era by him.

Art, literature, music and thought have been more occupied with Jesus than with any other over the last two thousand years. We can call him a liar, cast doubts on his mental health, and even try to believe that he is only a legend, but he is such a great moral teacher that none of these explain him.

The only response that does him justice is to obey him as Lord. Tolerance is one of the virtues we prize the most. But tolerance has no place in mathematics, medicine, landing an aeroplane or any other realm of life when it comes to the crunch. So to accuse Christianity of being narrow-minded because it believes the words of its founder is not justified.

All of us would prefer a 'narrow-minded' surgeon who sticks precisely to the procedures when we have an operation, as we want a successful outcome. When it comes to eternal matters it is even more important to be in the right hands.
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Why do the Innocent suffer?

To be honest there is no complete answer to this vast question. It does seem that if there is a good, all-powerful God, he would not allow suffering in the world.

As there is certainly a huge amount of suffering, the argument concludes that there cannot be a good, all-powerful God. This line of reasoning looks very impressive on the surface. But if God decides to wipe out all the evil of the world at midnight tonight, none of us would be around tomorrow.

The Bible teaches that God did not create evil and pain, he created a perfect world and human beings used their free will to rebel against God's perfect rule. Instead of letting us suffer the consequences without a way out, he actually came to this world with all its suffering and his perfect life was given up for us on the cross.

This sacrifice dealt once and for all with the problem of evil and suffering. He shared with our life so that we might once again have peace between God and us. He dealt with the root cause of suffering and offers forgiveness and a brand-new start to anyone who will admit that they are part of the problem.

When Christ died on the first Good Friday he defeated death and evil. Even though suffering is still part of human life he gives strength and hope to his followers who know that one day soon he has promised to stop all the suffering in the world.

Until then we have the time to find new life in him.
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